New Panama hats!

We are excited to announce the opening of our new Panama hat community and the arrival of our first batch of hats in the UK. Over the past few months we have been sourcing the finest toquilla straw and employing some of the best independent artisans in the region. We operate our Panama hat community in the same way we operate our Alpaca community, by putting our artisans first. We are still dedicated more than ever to improving the lives of our artisans. With our newly expanded community, we hope we can benefit more women than ever before.

Panama hats are a timeless accessory that go with anything and have the ability to add a touch of class to any ensemble. We are initially offering two varieties of Fedoras, the Clasico and the Fino; the Fino being of a finer weave. Over the coming months we will be expanding our range to include summer hats and other styles. As always we take pride in the quality of our hats and the enchanting back story of our workers.

In addition to our Alpaca workshop, we currently have a team of 12 lovely ladies from differing backgrounds involved in making our Panama hats. Due to the complex process of making Panamas, we also contract some specialists to perform certain stages of the process. Our team leaders are Martha, Veronica and Isa who allocate jobs and look after the others. Between them they have been involved in making Panamas for over 40 years and have accumulated a lot of know how.

The High Street

A number of high street stores are now stocking Floppy hats, wide brims and Fedoras all over their stores. Some of them are even being marketed as Panamas, where in fact it couldn’t be much further from the truth. The hats are mainly produced in Chinese factories, costing under dollar to make. Our hats are nothing like these imitations. Hand made deep in the heart of Ecuador using a unique set of craft and skills; each of the eight processes involves a new worker to add their touch. As such, our Fino hats take around two weeks to complete. Our hats will last from season to season, from beach to beach and they are as suitable for grazing the beaches of the South of France as they are for walking through the canals of Venice. Their majesty oozes desirability and confidence.

The Perfect Place

The beauty of a Panama is that it goes with anything, jeans or bikinis, day or night; it never looks out of place. With that being said, everybody has a favourite Panama look. Summoning nostalgia of holidays past I can pin point how a Panama makes me feel. A Panama reminds me of sitting on the beach or at a beach bar with the sun beating down and a cocktail in hand. Without a care in the world, you lay there or sit there, perhaps with a book or some fresh seafood on your plate, jus thinking about life. The Panama is a symbol for moments where you can lose yourself, to feel at peace. The hat symbolises effortlessness and a positive idleness. It embodies moments where time can slow down, where noise can be drowned out, that’s how a Panama makes me feel. 

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Loved my hat. Arrived in a week!

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