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Coming Soon - Rejuvenating Hydra Serum

Coming Soon - Rejuvenating Hydra Serum


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The environmentally friendly all natural ingredients in the Azuaya Rejuvenating Hydra-Serum are exceptionally powerfully enhancing and unique.  Azuaya Cosmetics has been clinically demonstrated to also aid lingering skin irregularities including acne, scarring and sun damage. The magical Amazonian rain forest ingredients have been incorporated to retain 99.9 percent of their original potency resulting in a dynamic age defying healing remedy suitable for all ages and skin types.  

A naturally enriched and fast absorbing oil-based serum containing a myriad of natural and organic ingredients. This multi-purpose serum can be used as a skin elixir, make-up remover and maximum hydration. 

The serum contains guarana and buriti for their antioxidants and andiroba oil which is soothing and has anti-inflammatory properties. The serum helps to instantly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, curing skin imperfections including pigmentation and scaring whilst simultaneously restoring the skins natural luminosity. 

Cruelty free, organic, natural and vegan.

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