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Youth Extending Glow Cream

Youth Extending Glow Cream


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Our cream combines the most potent anti-ageing plants of the Amazon with Citric & Mandarin essential oils. The result is a moisturiser which fights early-signs of ageing, while gently hydrating & nourishing the skin. Leaving you with radiant, firm, healthy-looking skin.

Made using the most potent anti-ageing plants, proven to work over hundreds of years by the indigenous tribes of the Brazilian Amazon, we have created a mix to help the skins in a variety of ways with our three main active ingredients


Guarana – with its strong antioxidants it is proven to significantly reduce age-related skin damage, help reduce sagging in the cheeks, improve skin tightness and minimise wrinkle around the eyes.

Buriti – to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lighten dark spots and restore skin elasticity. Buriti also has anti-inflammatory properties to help your skin achieve a glow and reduce puffiness.

Muru-Muru – acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin as well as , stimulating the performance of collagen and elastin cells which repair damage caused by stress, sun exposure and dryness. It also contains Oleic acid, which is rich in vitamin K helps to restore skin elasticity, skin texture, and also reduces folds and wrinkles.

A natural anti-ageing, moisturiser scented with citric mandarin essential oils awakening the senses. Organically made from the most powerful youth extending plants in the Amazon rainforest. 

  • 50ml
  • Vegan, Natural and Organic

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