Panama Hat Care


Authentic Panama hats are famous for their supple weave and flexibility; even so, you must ensure you take proper care of your Azuaya Panama hat.


Do not wear it in the rain as it can cause the straw to lose its shape


Only handle the hat by its brim and when resting your hat on a table, rest it on its crown (upside down), rather than its brim. As well, when hanging it up, make sure the peg rests on the sweatband, not the straw.


Despite their renowned durability Panamas are not made to be folded or mistreated and can be liable to cracking or damage to the weave.


Store your hat in one of our Azuaya hat boxes to ensure that is maintains its shape.


You can remove small marks with a baby wipe. If the mark is more persistent a soft nail brush and a little soapy water should help. Ensure that the hat is dried immediately with a dry sponge or cloth.